Taking care of employees, risks, business continuity & investments

Employee Retention

  • Life, Personal Accident, Hospitalization & Critical Illness insurance
  • Higher staff morale & productivity
  • Cost savings in hiring & training new staff
  • More take-home pay on same payout
  • Retirement benefit plan

Risk Management

Some risks you can pass to insurance companies

  • Losses in the event of fire, flood or theft
  • Customers suing when your product caused harm or damage
  • Legal actions against your directors and officers

Let us help you win:

  • Better cost savings
  • Better coverage for the same cost
  • Better alternative options

Business Succession

Let us help you sleep well at night, knowing that your business will be in good hands.
You worked hard to build your business over the years.

  • What happens when suddenly… you become incapacitated or died?
  • Would your family’s business interest be protected when you are not around?
  • If your partner departed, would you want his family members in the business?
  • What if you lose your key employee?

Investment Management

  • Optimize your idle cash
  • Improve your Cash Management
  • Manage your investment portfolio